Avoiding Harsh Chemicals In Dealing With Common Issues

Deliberately taking bacteria? Offhand you may dismiss it with a laugh.
You really shouldn’t.
There are many bacteria in our gut that perform essential functions and can offer us protection against a lot of issues.
So much so that in many cases you can avoid artificially made chemical concoctions and depend on bacteria that are already in your […]

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Top 5 Skin Care Ingredients To Avoid

Stop sabotaging your skin! Many common skin care and acne products like face washes and body soaps contain ingredients that may be harmful to the skin and overall health in the long run. To avoid unnecessary health risks, here are the top five skincare ingredients to avoid:

1. Parabens
Parabens compounds that are often used as preservatives […]

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Probiotic Action Shares 5 Tips to Protect your Skin this Summer

With summer here many are looking to shed layers and hit the beach. For some, the idea of letting their acne prone skin out in the sunlight is worrisome. For those suffering from acne, Probiotic Action, well known as the best acne treatment offers 5 tips with insight from Shape Magazine on how to care […]

Eating Right for Your Skin

Thankfully we are past the fall holidays, which are usually a time of food overindulgence. One of the unfortunate side effects of eating improperly is what it can do to our skin. What we eat has just as much effect on our skin as the environment. So what can you do to help your skin […]

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Banning Antibiotics for Acne

Probiotic Action Explains New Insight on Banning Antibiotics for Acne

A recent article published on burtonmail.com shared insight on how some physicians are reviewing the use of antibiotics as an acne treatment, with consideration towards the end of using them as an acne treatment. As the article states, the continued use of antibiotics not only has a negative […]

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