Help! My Adult Acne Won’t Go Away

The transition to adulthood from being a teenager is marked with several vast improvements. Among the benefits of being a grownup are the ability to rent a car, staying out as late as you want, and enjoying a cocktail or two with friends after work. Most teens who suffer from unfortunate haircuts and the inevitable […]

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Are Eczema and Acne Related?

Probiotic Action sheds light on how to treat adult eczema.
Recent discussions from discuss the causes and treatments for Eczema. While eczema is a common children’s condition, Probiotic Action, best known for their topical probiotic shares industry insight on treating adult eczema and it’s causes.
A recent article by discussed the continued growth of eczema cases, which […]

Banning Antibiotics for Acne

Probiotic Action Explains New Insight on Banning Antibiotics for Acne

A recent article published on shared insight on how some physicians are reviewing the use of antibiotics as an acne treatment, with consideration towards the end of using them as an acne treatment. As the article states, the continued use of antibiotics not only has a negative […]

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