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11/19/13 Winter is Coming. Here’s Why Probiotic Action is More Important Than Ever For most of the country, late fall is taking hold. As the wind and weather get colder, it becomes more important to take care of your skin. Most people think that skincare can fall by the wayside in the winter, as the UV and chance of sunburns decrease dramatically in the cold. This is patently untrue. You should attend to your skincare as diligently in winter as in the summer. Click here to read more. 11/2/13  Is Washing Your Face Bad For Your Skin? Every now and then a story shows up in the news of a celebrity or popular name with a skin care secret that most with acne find to be more of a myth than a skin care treatment. With many stories circulating the web on how the use of oils, only sleeping on certain fabrics, and the use of expensive vitamins will be the eventual secret formula for clear skin. While many options are debated, one rumor stands the most questioned: Is washing your skin regularly bad for your skin? Click here to read more. 10/26/13 Eating for Clear Skin – The New Connection Between a High Fiber Diet, and Reduced Acne Breakouts. Dietitians and nutritionists alike always say, “ You are what you eat”, although when it comes to skincare health, the foods you consume may have a more visible effect on the body than most would think of. A recent article by shared information from food making, and nutrition experts on the newest connection between high-fiber diets, and the reduction of acne breakouts. Click here to read more.   *This product has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Probiotic-Action_footer-ad-banner