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Clarity In Balance Topical Probiotic Treatment Spray and Nano Sprayer

What if you could reduce acne, ease inflammation, or aid eczema all with the push of a button? Topical probiotics offer an innovative new way to reduce irritation from skin conditions.

Clarity In Balance is a cutting-edge topical probiotic solution to achieve clear skin, naturally. This treatment spray works on blemish-prone skin to reveal a healthy glow without harsh chemicals.

Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, Probiotic Action’s Clarity In Balance topical probiotic can be used on sensitive and inflamed skin. Clarity In Balance is also free from aluminum and parabens, making it safe to use on delicate areas like the face.

Clarity In Balance comes with a Nano Mist Sprayer, a revolutionary ultrasonic mist sprayer that transform small moisture droplets into microscomic particles, allowing precise distribution and deep probiotic penetration into the skin.

acne treatment

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  • How Does Clarity In Balance Work?

    Clarity In Balance works in a few distinct ways. Here’s how:

    • ● Immediate action: Immediately after being sprayed on the skin, the Bacillus in Probiotic Action start to work.
      ● Starvation: Probiotic Bacillus works in the way nature intended by ​starving​ the harmful bacteria, like acne bacteria, on the surface of skin and deep in pores.
      ● Competition: Without food, pathogenic bacteria cannot compete with healthy Bacillus.
      ● Restored balance: In just a few uses, breakouts disappear, blemishes retreat and healthy, glowing skin is revealed and balance is restored.
      ● Visible results: See visible results after just a few uses.

      Unlock the power of topical probiotics for healthy skin. With regular use, Good Bacteria help to boost your skin’s natural immunity, preventing flare-ups, fighting environmental damage, and preventing premature aging.

      Probiotic Action’s Clarity In Balance topical probiotic spray contains 100% pure, living ​Bacillus​. Or, as we like to call it, The Good Bacteria.

      Our Best Probiotic Spray Ever

      Clarity in Balance is the newest addition to the Probiotic Action skincare line. Not only is this new product our strongest topical probiotic spray ever, but we’ve included some major upgrades.

      Stabilized bacteria: improved technology means that topical probiotics better adhere to the skin.

      A gentle mist: The included Nano Sprayer evenly coats skin with beneficial microbes and delivers topical probiotics even deeper into the pores.

      No more mixing. Simply added Clarity in Balance to the Nano Sprayer and apply twice daily. Clarity in Balance will last for up to 3 month.

      Improved with a new shelf-stable formula, the Clarity in Balance Spray contains 50 million units of beneficial Bacillus subtilis ferment in a single milliliter.

      This topical probiotic spray is applied directly to the skin, replenishing irritated skin with helpful and inflammation-fighting microbes.

      Bacillus subtilis is a healthy bacteria commonly found on grasses, vegetation, on our skin, and inside our intestinal tract.

      100% Natural, or Clarity In Balance topical probiotic contains pure, concentrated Bacillus, The Good Bacteria.

      Advanced Nano Spray Technology

      The Nano ultrasonic mist sprayer developed to spray an extremely fine mist of Clarity In Balance on the skin

      Particles of less than 1 micrometer creates a dry mist that spreads the probiotic optimally, allowing healthy microbes to penetrate the deepest pores.

      This advanced Nano Spray technology ensures that you’re getting the most out of your probiotics, without beneficial microbes dripping away.

      As an option for our customers our Clarity In Balance is available without the Nano Sprayer as a refill or to be applied on the skin with a nano sprayer.

      Your best skin. Guaranteed.

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      acne treatment

      Ingredients:Water, Bacillus Ferment, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyl Glycerin. 50 Million Probiotics Per ml.

      acne treatment

      As an option for our customers our Clarity In Balance is available without the Nano Sprayer as refill or to be applied on the skin with a natural sprayer.

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