Dietitians and nutritionists alike always say, “ You are what you eat”, although when it comes to skincare health, the foods you consume may have a more visible effect on the body than most would think of. A recent article by shared information from food making, and nutrition experts on the newest connection between high-fiber diets, and the reduction of acne breakouts.

While the article boasted tons of scientific facts, around the healthy benefits of high fiber foods, the information that we found most related to skin care was this:

“Today, the growing list of soluble fibers wears a new badge: prebiotics. They include ingredients such as beta-glucans and resistant starch, because they are the preferred food of probiotic gut bacteria. The fibers that these healthful gut bacteria use for energy occur naturally in a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.

Hundreds of studies have shown that the bacteria in the gut play an important role in maintaining digestive health due to their interaction with the immune system. Alterations in the gut microbiome are associated with a host of inflammatory disorders, such as Chron’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and colitis.”.

Although information doesn’t scream, “HEY, THESE FACTS WILL HELP CLEAR YOUR SKIN”. a few key terms lead us to believe this information may be helpful, here’s why:

The levels of bacteria in your body, directly contribute to the ability of bad, acne causing bacteria, to exist on the skin and cause breakouts. If those with skin care issues are able to introduce the right fiber into their diet, they may help support the healthy bacteria which combat numerous intestinal issues, and bacterial infections- including the nasty P.acnes bacteria which creates pustules and blackheads.

Additionally, when the right foods are incorporated into the body, they can help support the proper function of a topical probiotic treatment, (Probiotic Action), and continue to help the growth of good bacteria in the body system, and on the skin. As true believers that good skin comes from the inside, and out, eating the proper foods that support probiotic function, like high fiber foods as mentioned above,  will not only offer the best “good skin diet” and promote healthier living, but help the effectiveness of our adult acne treatment.

I’ll admit, and I’m sure you will  too, none of us have a perfect diet, and most of us will still sneak sweets here and there. To that point,  Probiotic Action spokesman, Fernando Perez added his thoughts on diet and acne,

“Diet still remains to be the best source of medicine to provide the body proper nutrition, promote healthy bacteria,  and support a robust immune system. When the right foods are ingested, our likelihood of bacteria driven breakouts, and acne producing oil production is  dramatically reduced. If one has a diet high in prebiotics which contributing to a high fiber diet, toxins, excess fats, oils, and sugars have less time to inhabit the body, and feed bad bacteria causing immune system and digestion issues,” says Perez.

Perez added that with all illnesses or conditions, ance or otherwise, health starts from the inside out, and is specifically rooted in the foods we consume. Perez suggests consulting with a physician and a nutritionist to find the best mix of prebiotics, probiotics, and diet for ones optimal health. For more information on natural skincare tips, how to treat adult acne, and more information on the best acne treatment, visit our FAQ’s page at