What is eczema?

Those of us who have eczema know firsthand how painful and embarrassing that eczema can be. Eczema is a chronic itchy inflammation of the skin. Excessive dryness, excessive moisture on the skin, dry environmental conditions, and a host of other conditions may cause eczema. Skin can adversely behave in a myriad of ways, from cracking to itching. And anywhere you have skin, you can develop eczema. There are even cases of people being diagnosed with eczema in their ears.

People who wash their hands excessively or use too much alcohol-based hand sanitizer may develop eczema as they upset the balance of bacteria on their hands and leave it prone to damage. The selling point for the hand sanitizer is that it kills 99.5% of bacteria. Unfortunately, this means that the good bacteria are being eliminated as well as the bad bacteria. Using Probiotic Actionto help restore the proper bacterial balance is the first step in a healthy skin care regimen.

Making use of Probiotic Actionas the symptoms of eczema begin to show can help to curb the outbreak. And following outbreaks, Probiotic Actioncan continue to help create a layer of good bacteria on the skin which in turn should help reduce outbreaks.

Probiotics were proven in clinical trials between 2007 and 2011 to have a positive effect on reducing the rate of eczema by about 20%.