Emerald, Topical Probiotic Sprayer and Hydrating Mist

Emerald, Topical Probiotic Sprayer and Hydrating Mist**

Probiotic Action® Emerald  is created from spores which, when mixed with water, are activated for 7 days to create a fantastic hydrating mist that can be used after cleansing to help tone and refine the skin. Probiotic  Action® Emerald Mist is an all natural product that does not contain chemicals, minerals, color or fragances. Emerald has special double strenght formulation for refill the sprayer once a week.
Probiotic Action EMERALD keeps pores clear of toxins, and calm your skin from redness and acne scarring. Probiotic bacteria help calm skin inflammation, also probiotic bacteria gently exfoliate the skin’s surface polishing and soothing the complexion. Probiotic Action Emerald work to restore the skin’s natural balance of probiotic bacteria. By restoring this natural balance the skin is better able to cope with the daily stresses by creating a natural barrier against bad bacteria, pollutants, free radicals, and allergens. Probiotic Action use will also encourage cell turnover so that your skin looks brighter, tighter and healthier. It is also a powerfull antidote against wrinkles.**

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What are the benefits of using Probiotic Action™ Emerald?

Probiotic Action Emerald is specifically formulated to provide natural relief of skin outbreaks and inflammation . The highly concentrated Emerald formula utilizes the same probiotics that our customers have come to rely on to protect the skin. The core product has remained the same – gentle, safe, highly effective all-natural probiotics which help to restore the healthy balance of bacteria to your skin.**

Probiotic Action-Emerald, Gentle Enough for Baby’s Skin

Probiotic Action skin products are water-based. They are all natural. They do not contain harsh chemicals. There is no danger if any probiotic sptritz gets in your baby mouth or nose. That’s how safe it is!  Anyone who has had a baby knows how quickly diaper rash can develop and how difficult it can be to get rid of. To help ease the pain caused by diaper rash, moms can trust Probiotic ActionTM, which had been proven effective at helping to relieve painful chafing caused by tight, sweaty clothing. Simply apply Probiotic ActionTM to the affected areas, and you’ll see within a few days how baby’s diaper rash fades away, leaving healthy skin.

Ingredients: Purified water and “Bacillus Subtillus“. 100 millions CFU/ml.

Directions: add 35 drops to the green sprayer, fill with tap water. Shake well, mist your face or affected area , and let it dry. Apply  2 – 4 times a day. However, probiotic bacteria doesn’t react the same on all skins, and for more resistant skin issue you can always increase the dosage to 55 drops.  Once familiar with product , adjust drops quantity to set strenght to suit personal needs. Can be applied year-roud. Probiotics don’t do any harm  Prepare fresh solution  weekly. Keep at room temperature, do not refrigerate. 

**This product and statements has not been evaluated by the US FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.