How To Maximize Yogurt and Kombucha Health Benefits for Beautiful Skin

How To Maximize Yogurt and Kombucha Health Benefits for Beautiful Skin

Beauty bloggers around the world are touting the skin-clearing benefits of yogurt facemasks and kombucha face washes. But do they really work? Here’s the short answer: Yogurt and kombucha health benefits really only come into play when eaten.

Because these foods contain anaerobic bacteria, which only function without the presence of oxygen, it’s more effective to ingest them.

Take a look at Courtney Leiva’s kombucha face wash story. Leiva brewed her own batch of kombucha to reap the benefits of the fermented tea beverage’s probiotics. While probiotics are scientifically proven to improve skin health, including alleviating acne, rosacea and eczema, it’s important to note probiotics work in different ways depending on the types of bacteria they contain.

Activating Yogurt and Kombucha Health Benefits

There are two types of bacteria in probiotics that improve your skin: aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria require oxygen to thrive and work their magic. Then there are anaerobic bacteria, which lose their health effects when they come into contact with oxygen.

Topical yogurt and kombucha skincare regimens are ineffective because they possess anaerobic bacteria. These probiotics lose their potency because oxygen abounds when washing your face and leaving facemasks to dry.

To fully enjoy the yogurt and kombucha health benefits you hear about, you should consider eating these food products instead of putting them on your face. When ingested, their probiotics boost the immune system within the intestinal tract to effectively manage inflammation and immune responses, ultimately enhancing skin health.

Why Aerobic Bacteria?

Probiotic skincare products featuring aerobic bacteria are the best option for topical regimens. When aerobic bacteria come into contact with oxygen, they collaborate with human cells to strengthen your immune system and diminish germs.

Here’s how it works: You apply the topical probiotic with aerobic bacteria to reintroduce healthy bacteria to your face. These healthy, anti-inflammatory bacteria compete with harmful bacteria for food and resources. Eventually, these probiotics restore the skin’s optimal bacterial balance while minimizing skin problems like rosacea, eczema and acne.

Where can I Find Skincare Products with Aerobic Bacteria?

While yogurt and kombucha contain essential bacteria for supporting skin and immune system health, it’s better to ingest them to maximize their potential. Choosing topical skincare products with aerobic bacteria can help you achieve results when applied properly.

Skincare products like Probiotic Action® are formulated with Bacillus subtilis, a bacteria you can find on healthy human skin. You can also find Bacillus subtilis in your stomach, plants and soil.

So, how does Probiotic Action® work? A simple spray coats the skin with a layer of Bacillus subtilis to counter harmful bacteria. By eating dead skin cells and toxins harmful bacteria need to survive, Probiotic Action® products naturally wipe out these bacteria on the skin’s surface and deep within pores.

The end result? A much-needed immune boost countering the negative effects of environmental damage, all while returning the healthy glow you desire.

Remember to keep these scientific factors in mind to enjoy the yogurt and kombucha health benefits beauty bloggers are talking about. In short, probiotics are complex. While aerobic and anaerobic bacteria both support healthy skin and immune systems, they operate in two very different ways. Balancing their effects can help you achieve soft, taut and healthy skin—no gimmicks required.

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