Probiotic Cleanser


Healthy Balance 2 Step Restoration Kit

This ultra-simple two step kit contains a powerful duo to balance, reduce inflammation and redness, eliminate blemishes and breakouts and restore clarity for your best skin.

The power of Probiotics for Visibly Healthy, Clear Skin

  • Pure, concentrated Bacillus, The Good Bacteria
  • 100% Natural. Chemical Free. Non-Toxic. Fragrance Free
  • Your Best Skin. Guaranteed

Probiotic Action’s Healthy Balance Restoration Kit brings good bacteria to skin care, creating 100% natural  products to restore balance and bring out healthiest, best skin.

 Spray on the Good, Bring Out Your Best!


What Probiotic Action Does: Probiotic are the good bacteria that we all need to be healthy. They are nature’s great equalizers and work inside our bodies and on our skin to maintain optimal balance so our bodies are as healthy as possible.

Stress, pollution in the enviroment, UV exposure and our own habits throw our skin and bodies out of balance. These contribute to everyday skin problems including breakouts, blemishes, redness, inflammation, discoloration and premature aging.

Traditional methodos for correcting these skin problems attack the symptoms with harsh chemicals that  often do more harm to the skin than good. The results, a never ending cycle of breakouts, redness and often, damaged, flakey and dull skin.

There is a better way. With Probiotic Action®, you can naturally address the root cause of your skin problems. 100% Natural, Good Bacteria to restore your skin’s balance and bring out your best skin.

How it Works: Probiotic Action® uses the power of good bacteria to fight harmful, breakout causing bacteria on the skin. Immediately, Good Bacteria go to work, restoring natural skin balance. Starts to reduce redness and sensitivity. Over time, visibly clear, healthy and glowing skin is revealed. In 4 weeks, rids skin of blemishes, blackheads and inflammation.

Step 1: Probiotic Action® Herbal Cleanser

Every morning and evening, start with Probiotic Action Herbal Cleanser. This ultra lightweight gel rids skin of impurities, deeply purifiying to help clarify your complexion, clear clogged pores and de-congest the skin. Never damaging or drying, this powerful plant-based formula.

Use every morning and evening: Wet your skin with cool water. Apply a small amout (4 drops) of Herbal Cleanser in the palm of your hand. Gently massage all over the face in upward circular  motion, taking  extra time on problem prone areas. No abrasive wash clothes of exfoliants needed. Rinse throughly with cool water and blot dry.

Step 2: Probiotic Action Emerald Topical Treatment Spray

Combine 35 drops of concentrated Bacillus, The Good Bacteria, with tap water in the green sprayer bottle. Prepare this solution weekly and store at room temperature. Never refrigerate. Shake well and mist your entire face, concentrating  on blemish prone areas. Let it dry and skin will feel noticeable calmed and soothed. So this 2 to 4 times each day, restore balance and bring out your healthiest, best skin.

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