Probiotics for Healthy Feet

Probiotics for Healthy Feet

Did you know that you have up to 100 trillion microbes living on your skin and inside your body? These microbes make up what is called the microbiome, a term which refers to the unique ecosystem of organisms that makes up the individual body.

As it turns out, these microorganisms are the culprits behind many common bodily ailments, including stinky feet and athlete’s foot. Many people turn to antibiotic creams and harsh chemical treatments to manage these ailments.

However, these treatments can alter the microbiome and may even lead to an increased likelihood for infection over time. Rather than completely wipe out the foot microbiome, there is another solution: probiotics for healthy feet. 

What makes feet itch and stink?

The feet are home to some of the most diverse types of fungus and bacteria on the human body. This makes sense, as the feet are what connect us to the ground at all times. The ground and our surrounding environments are where we pick up our microbial inhabitants. 

Ailments like athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, cellulitis, rash, itch, and smell are all caused at least in part by imbalances in the microbiome of the feet.

Fungal overgrowth is the culprit behind athlete’s foot and toenail fungus, while painful conditions like cellulitis are caused by bacterial infections.

Healthy foot hygiene like wearing clean socks, washing feet regularly, and cleaning your shoes can drastically reduce the risk of these types of foot conditions. However, infections can happen in just about anyone and they can be tricky to heal.

Sometimes, antibiotics or antifungals are necessary to get rid of tough infections. Still, it is of the utmost importance to cultivate a healthy microbiome after antibiotic use.

Probiotics for healthy feet

Antibiotics alter the microbiome and kill off good bacteria as well as bad. This means that there is greater potential for pathogenic bacteria to build a home on the foot after a course of antibiotics.

Applying a topical probiotic can help rebalance the skin microbiome and help rebuild communities of beneficial bacteria on the skin.

Topical probiotics like Probiotic Action’s Emerald Spray contain probiotic cultures that are beneficial and native to the skin, reintroducing helpful bacteria to areas of dysbiosis.

Probiotic Action contains a special bacteria called Bacillus subtilis. This bacteria is native to soil and is commonly found in vegetation. If humans still walked barefoot through the grass, than the feet would naturally be exposed to this helpful species in their everyday environment. 

Unfortunately, our feet are now too often forced into sweaty shoes and only catch the occasional breather indoors.

As a soil-borne microbial product, Probiotic Action’s Emerald Spray can be applied to the feet up to four times daily to reduce the risk of irritating foot ailments and slowly alter the stinky and unbalanced foot microbiome.

The best part? It contains only two ingredients: water and Bacillus subtilis

Interested in giving Probiotic Action a try? Make sure to check out the Emerald Spray and read reviews on Amazon here.