Rosacea can be a difficult skin condition to diagnose and can be easily misdiagnosed as acne, allergies, or eczema. However, of the different ailments, rosacea has a habit of spreading and worsening over time if it isn’t addressed. As the actual cause of rosacea remains unknown, the Mayo Clinic suggests that it can be a product of environmental and genetic factors.

As with any type of skin condition, it is important to keep skin as healthy as possible in between outbreaks. Since rosacea is cyclical in outbreaks, the Mayo Clinic suggests using a gentle cleanser for your skin, but most importantly “oil-free water-based skin care products. Avoid using products that contain skin irritants, such as alcohol.” This caveat eliminates many of the commercial skin care products out there.

Since Probiotic Actionis an oil-free,water-based, all natural topical solution, it is a perfect option to keep skin as healthy as possible. Since many topical treatments available could actually make the symptoms worsen due to the chemicals and irritants in them, Probiotic Actioncould be used during an outbreak to relieve some of the symptoms of rosacea.

As there is no cure for rosacea, easing signs and symptoms while having a good skin care regimen in between outbreaks is critical to managing the condition.