Every now and then a story shows up in the news of a celebrity or popular name with a skin care secret that most with acne find to be more of a myth than a skin care treatment. With many stories circulating the web on how the use of oils, only sleeping on certain fabrics, and the use of expensive vitamins will be the eventual secret formula for clear skin. While many options are debated, one rumor stands the most questioned: Is washing your skin regularly bad for your skin?

As skin care experts, our team discussed the rumor, and debunked many myths surrounding the statement with advice from their leading skin care guru, Fernando Perez.

Can you wash your skin too often? Our team says Yes.

Why? Washing your face too often with soaps or hot water disturbs the natural levels of moisture on the skin, removing not only bad P. Acnes bacteria, but good bacteria and helpful oils.

The solution you ask?

If you’re more likely to wear makeup, washing your face with an oil free, soap free cleanser, like our probiotic face and body wash along with cold or lukewarm water may be the best natural way to clear skin.  If you’re finding that washing your face twice a day is drying your skin, try removing makeup or creams with a cleanser at night, followed by our all natural cleanser at and continue in the morning with a quick rinse, and our topical probiotic.

For those suffering with acne who often complain from oily skin and recurrent breakouts, all too often acne sufferers turn to drying agents like alcohol and hot water to tame their oily skin and calm the spread of breakouts. Unfortunately for those skin conditions, using alcohol only temporarily removes what feels “oily”, while the use of warm water further removes moisture and makes skin weak. When patients repeatedly use this kind of treatment rather than the use of a natural skin cleanser, the effects to the skin can be damaging, and worsen conditions. With over-drying comes the over production of oils, which in turn feed breakouts, once more proving over washing to have negative effects.

So when is washing your skin actually good for your skin you ask? The answer isn’t always easy. As Probiotic Action skin care expert Fernando Perez suggests, it depends on your skin type and what products you use.

“Using soap to wash your skin is never going to help clear one’s skin condition. Trying unknown options for clear skin which are disguised as “natural ways to clear skin” like odd oils, fruit extracts, scrubs and homemade remedies aren’t always the best option. Using the random products or untested items may cause your skin condition to worsen when used with excessive hot water, drying agents, and scrubs,” shared Perez.

Perez continued that depending on the level of your acne condition, consulting with a skin care expert as well as a dermatologist will give patients further insight on how often to wash acne prone areas. For more information on the best skin care practices as well as information our their all natural skin cleanser, visit our products page, and connect with us on Facebook.