For most of the country, late fall is taking hold. As the wind and weather get colder, it becomes more important to take care of your skin. Most people think that skincare can fall by the wayside in the winter, as the UV and chance of sunburns decrease dramatically in the cold. This is patently untrue. You should attend to your skincare as diligently in winter as in the summer.

During the winter, your hands are exposed to cold, wet, harsh conditions. When your hands get too warm and they sweat, the bacterial balance is damaged. When your hands become dry and cracked, this also upsets the bacterial balance. If you are prone to eczema, excessive moisture and excessive dryness exacerbate an already painful condition.

Most of us become ill over the winter time. Colds, flus, and viruses cause people to sneeze and cough, all typical signs of illness. When opening the door to walk into a store or handling a shopping cart, people are exposed to all kinds of viruses and unhealthy bacteria. Thus, people use a hand sanitizer more often during the winter to protect themselves from infection. The good thing about hand sanitizers is that they kill all of the bacteria on your hands. The bad thing about hand sanitizers is that they kill the good bacteria on your hands as well.

Your hands aren’t the only exposed skin that deserves your protection. Your facial skin, including your lips, is especially vulnerable to damage during the winter. Anyone who has ever gone skiing knows the dry skin, cracked lips, and sun and windburn caused by the wind and snow. This kind of damage to your skin can be painful and long-lasting, not to mention difficult to treat. This is in addition to the chafing that occurs from tight and damp clothing caused when snow and ice infiltrate your cold weather gear.

Whether it’s simply walking out to the car, shoveling your driveway, or participating in outdoor sports, the cold wind and weather is particularly harsh on the skin. Take steps to protect your skin this winter. By using Probiotic Action, you can help to maintain that delicate bacterial balance. Regular usage helps to create a protective barrier on your skin, one that will protect your hands from the kinds of damage that we described here. Whether you use the probiotic topical solution on your skin in the morning and at night, the Gentle Skin Cleanser as your regular body wash, or both as your daily skin care regimen, remember that every day skin care is something that you cannot ignore as you enjoy the winter weather.