Topical Probiotic Treatment Spray

Nano Sprayer, a cutting edge ultrasonic sprayer, moisture your skin with a very fine mist of probiotic with a deep penetration to the skin.

Acne Treatment

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acne treatment

topical probioticReduces the risk of skin problems such as allergies, acne and eczema. Promotes healthy skin flora.

Probiotic Action. Visible results in just a few uses!

Get Clear skin, Naturaly

Reveal a Healthy Glow without Harsh chemicals

Feel Supremely Confident in your Best Skin




Hydrating mist  helps tone and refine skin after cleansing

Emerald spray promotes bacteria balance in the skin. When skin is balanced, pores are free of toxins, redness is reduced, and inflammation is diminished – which all leads to clearer skin
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Bentonite Clay Cleanser

Daily mud cleanser exfoliates, detoxes, and smoothes skin

Bentonite clay detoxes your skin at the deepest level using the power of natural elements
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Clarity In Balance with Nano Sprayer

Is a cutting-edge mist solution to achive a clear skin, naturally.

This treatment spray works on blemish-prone skin to reveal a healthy glow . Hypoallergenic and dermatology tested, Probiotic Action’s Clarity in Balance can be used on sensitive skin with the Nano Sprayer which deliver a very fine mist on the skin.

Moisturizing Lotion

Refines skin’s texture to you give you  a bright, refreshed look

Active bacteria work to minimize lines while maintaining natural hydration
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What Probiotic Action Does?

  • Probiotics are the good bacteria that we all need to be healthy. They are nature’s great equalizers and work inside our bodies and on our skin to maintain optimal balance so our bodies are as healthy as posible.

  • Stress, pollution in the enviroment, UV exposure and our own habits throw our skin and bodies out of balance. These contribute to everyday skin problems including breakouts, blemishes, redness, inflammation, discolotation and premature aging.

  • Traditional methods for correcting these skin problems attack the symptoms with harsh chemicals that often do more harm to the skin than good. The results, a never ending cycle of breakouts, redness and often, damaged, flakey and dull skin.

  • There is a better way. With Probiotic Action®, you can naturally address the root cause of your skin problems. 100% Natural, Good Bacteria to restore your skin’s balance and bring out your best skin.

      How it Works?

  • Probiotic Action® uses the power of good bacteria to fight harmful, breakout causing bacteria on the skin.


Probiotic Action

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