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Get a clear complexion with the power of probiotic bacteria.


Hydrating mist  helps tone and refine skin after cleansing

Emerald spray promotes bacteria balance in the skin. When skin is balanced, pores are free of toxins, redness is reduced, and inflammation is diminished – which all leads to clearer skin
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Bentonite Clay Cleanser

Daily mud cleanser exfoliates, detoxes, and smoothes skin

Bentonite clay detoxes your skin at the deepest level using the power of natural elements
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Topical Probiotics

Probiotics can enhance skin immune health year-round

Gently restores the natural balance of bacteria on your skin, giving even the most sensitive skin with a clear appearance

Moisturizing Lotion

Refines skin’s texture to you give you  a bright, refreshed look

Active bacteria work to minimize lines while maintaining natural hydration
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This product has helped me, an adult with hormonal acne, as well as my teenage daughter. I LOVE this product. I only wish I had taken “before” pictures.

Marie Kammerer*, Tuesday, March 3, 2015


**Published on Facebook Visitor Posts @Probiotic.Action on March 3, 2015

How Does Probiotic Action® Work On Your Skin?

The Principle of Action.
The Principle of Action is that two different species (bacterial or fungal), who seek to live in the same ecological microcosm, cannot coexist in a stable equilibrium if they require the same nutritional substrates.
The Biological Principle of Competition.
Non-pathogenic microbes found in Probiotic Action® products colonize the skin to which they are applied, countering the proliferation of other species. This is based on the principle of competitive exclusion (Gause’s law)
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Why Does Acne Still Exist?

It’s not about bacteria; it’s about our reactions to them.
Source: Andrew Park for The Atlantic. Go to the article


Probiotic Action

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