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Adult Acne

For adults, acne is more commonly seen as smaller bumps and cysts around the chin, mouth, and jaw line.

Hormonal Acne Help From Probiotic Action®

There are many preconceptions and myths about hormonal acne. Many people assume that hormonal acne is something that is only experienced by women and those who are going through puberty. What many people don’t realize is that hormonal acne can be a problem throughout adulthood. Understanding the root causes behind hormonal acne is an important first step in treatment and prevention.

Hormonal acne afflicts men and women alike. Women are more susceptible to hormonal acne due to their monthly menstrual cycles and elevated estrogen levels but men can experience hormonal acne as well. Men who have increased levels of testosterone, whether naturally or via artificial means, are prone to hormone-related acne. One very common side effect of steroid usage are acne breakouts.

A pre-menopausal woman experiences a menstrual cycle roughly every 28 days. The primary hormones that affect women are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, although there are others. Testosterone levels around menstrual cycle are higher, which creates more oil, thus exacerbating the problem.


Hormonal Acne

Some birth control pills have been approved for treating severe acne, as they deliver continuous levels of estrogen and testosterone in order to avoid the natural level fluctuation. As estrogen levels increase, testosterone levels decrease, which is better for skin since less oil is created. But birth control pills can have serious side effects, including serious conditions like endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

Some antibiotics that are frequently used to treat acne outbreaks can cause unpleasant side effects like sun sensitivity or yellowing teeth. A popular and frequently used medication decreases testosterone levels but also comes with several unpleasant side effects.

Probiotic Action® may help prevent acne that is associated with the normal hormonal cycle. It cannot, however, mitigate the effects of the high levels of testosterone contained in anabolic steroids. Using our Emerald topical solution and Herbal Skin Cleanser can help keep your pores clean, critical for when your body is creating more oil due to elevated hormone levels. It would be best to incorporate Probiotic Action® into your skin care regimen before experiencing outbreaks of hormonal acne, although using it after the acne has appeared can help the healing.

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