Clear Skin Probiotics

Probiotic Action line of products – Clear Skin Probiotics – fights acne by purifiying the pores, good bacteria clean pores deep at microscopic level, controling oil, eating toxins and dead cell. Microscopic organisms help maintain the health of our own skin. Moreover creating a natural exfoliation of the skin. Our line of products include all-natural sprayable topical probiotics, gentle skin cleanser, Active Probiotic Cleansing Gel and moisturizing lotion.

Probiotic Acneprobiotic skin care

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moisturizer lotion

Whether they are used separately or together, Probiotic Action™ can help you on your way to getting the radiant skin that you’ve always wanted. All our products contain topical probiotic that restore the microflora on your skin.

Concentrated Topical Probiotics

Our topical spray solution is the original Probiotic Action™ which so many people have come to rely upon. Gentle and all-natural, the topical sprayer can easily be carried in a pocket or purse for application during the day. In addition to using the Probiotic Action™ topical solution to help ease the symptoms of acne, eczema, and rosacea, it can be used to help ease the skin irritation commonly caused by chafing. When tight clothing or sweaty conditions cause uncomfortable inflammation, applying the topical solution can help relieve some of the symptoms by restoring the skin’s natural bacteria balance.*

Probiotic Action Emerald is the latest breakthrough in all natural skincare, brought to you by the makers of Probiotic Action™. Packed with twice as many probiotics as the original formula, the high concentration formula is meant to treat severe cases of acne, including painful cystic acne. Once the probiotics are activated, the spray lasts for a week and is best used after washing the affected area. *


Not just for your face, the new Gentle Skin Cleanser from Probiotic Action™ can replace your daily soap or body wash. Strong enough to help restore the natural balance of bacteria to your face but gentle enough to use every day, the Skin Cleanser uses the same probiotics found in our topical spray. For those who have acne, eczema, or rosacea outbreaks all over their body, relief is here. When used as a total body skincare system, all-natural Probiotic Action™ can help keep healthy skin looking great and help common yet painful skin conditions. Take control of your skin today and get the healthy skin that you deserve.*

Moisturizing Lotion

Probiotic Skin Repair contain conditioners that keep your skin moist. This helps your skin retain its elasticity and good looks. It is also friendly to your skin, this is due to our carefully balanced composition which restores the balance to your skin.


Order our topical solution and our Gentle Skin Cleanser today and start yourself on the way to healthier skin! Good skin care doesn’t have to take a lot of time, just the right product.


 A young man's skin before and after he used our probiotics for acne



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